Thursday, April 16, 2015

1/2 Pollo Chicken Special at Rod's Char Burger

There are times when you are just in the mood for some classic comfort food. This is what this random meal of the day brings. We have the half Pollo Chicken Special. It is really funny that I actually ate this particular random meal so many times that when I come in, they know exactly what I want. It is actually contradictory to the premise of random meal of the day. But there are just those days when your mood for adventure is just not there and you want the familiar to give yourself a smile. I actually laughed today when I googled the restaurant and you have the opportunity to have a 360 degrees inside street view of the inside of the restaurant. All you need is a camera, and sometimes the magic just happens. Can you guess where I sat? Our random meal is a half chicken that is marinated and charbroiled. We have a side of fries and your choice of hot corn or flour tortillas. A side of salsa completes this random meal of the day.

Found at Rod's Char Burger in Redondo Beach, California.

Nikon Df, 58mm, f2.8, 1/80, iso 560

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