Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thai Chickin' Entree Salad at Veggie Grill

When I started my #leafyresolution, this place was the first thing on my mind. I laugh because there was this funny commercial where the wife or girlfriend packed some veggie burgers for a tailgating event and it was made of Quinoa. Quinoa may be the next big thing after chipotle. Everything here is made of veggies including the chicken or Chickin'. The Chickin' is made from soybeans, wheat and peas. Well, I finally went for a very leafy random meal of the day. We have the Thai Chickin' Entrée Salad. This salad starts with the soy based grilled Chickin' and then we toss in the quinoa. We then add romaine lettuce, cabbage, corn salsa and mandarin oranges. We finish by sprinkling on green onions, sesame seeds, cilantro and crispy wonton strips. A side of spicy Thai dressing completes this random meal.

Found at Veggie Grill in El Segundo, California.

Nikon Df, 85mm, f2.8, 1/125, iso 100, +0.67ev

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