Thursday, March 28, 2013

Asiago Ranch Chicken Club at Wendy's

Today's random meal of the day is the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club sandwich. This random meal actually serves two purposes. One is that it feeds me, the other is a lighting challenge for my new camera. The funny thing about fast food is that the advertising for the food makes it look so good. Well, this sandwich can look fantastic if someone spent the time to make sure it looks good. Well, I digress because staged food photography is not what random meal of the day is about. The reason I choose this location in particular is because of the not so pleasing lighting conditions. First we get the tinge color cast producing compact fluorescent lights. Then we combine this with several large tinted windows. It is the one two combo knockout punch to make sure your food photo looks to be not so pleasing. I also shot JPEG and not RAW so I am a bit more limited in the color corrections option in post. The new camera white balance actually handles these lighting conditions a bit better.

On a tangent, I remember one Christmas when I actually changed out all the light bulbs in the living room of a relatives living room because I could not stand the tinge color of the compact fluorescent bulbs. The year before, we had many tinge color casted family photos. Well, this year, the pictures were spectacular. I considered the Verilux Compact Fluorescent bulbs as a bonus gift for hosting Christmas. ;)

Found at Wendy's in Lawndale, California.

Sony RX1, 35mm, f2.0, 1/160, iso 100, +0.3ev

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