Monday, March 26, 2012

Eggs Benedict at Main Street Cafe

Welcome Random Mealers, today we celebrate the three year anniversary of my Nikon D700! It has been a fantastic 3 years of shooting. The funny thing is that for many years before this, I was a Canon shooter. I actually had 3 different APS-C Canon DSLRs before I bought my first Nikon. When I received the Nikon, oh boy, that was quite a transition. All the buttons and functions were all over the place and I had to keep referring to the manual over and over. Yet, the switch was so worth it. Three hard but yet magical months later, the first Random Meal of The Day post was photographed with this magical Nikon D700...

We have for our random meal of the day an order of Eggs Benedict for lunch ;) I always enjoy breakfast and sometime it is great for lunch also. The eggs benedict was fantastic.

Found at Main Street Cafe in El Segundo, California.

Nikon D700, 85mm, f4.0, 1/125, iso 280, +0.67ev

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