Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pho Tai at Viet Huong Restaurant

It is getting a bit chilly so to warm us up, we have a wonderful bowl of Pho Tai for our random meal of the day. This bowl of soup is fantastic because of the rich broth. The most interesting thing about Pho is how the meal is now presented compared to how the meal was presented in the past. Back in the days before restaurants in Los Angeles County were graded with a letter, the meat from the Pho Tai was actually presented to you on a side plate completely raw. You were then supposed to place the meat into the piping hot broth yourself so that you will get best experience possible. Now, that type of presentation is frowned upon because of some health codes and you will never get an "A" rating if you serve your food like how it was traditionally meant to be served. But alas, this bowl of Pho is now still delicious, it is just now different from my childhood memories.

Found at Viet Huong Restaurant in El Monte, California.

Nikon D700, 50mm, f4.0, 1/125, iso 720

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