Friday, August 26, 2011

Lomo Saltado at Mario's Peruvian Restaurant

We have the Lomo Saltado for our random meal of the day. This has to be the best place for the Lomo Saltado in my opinion. Stuck in the middle of an indiscreet mini mall we have Mario's Peruvian Restaurant. I have had the Lomo Saltado at other restaurants before and it has always been good but Mario's takes it to the next level. This meal just seems so simple but the way it all blends together is where the magic is. We start with strips of seasoned beef, and with mix it together with french fries, red onions, tomatoes, and parsley. I believe that everything is sautéed together with some extra secret spices and it just makes your mouth happy. Mario's version of the Lomo Saltado is a bit more saucy and this is a good thing. The extra moisture is extra awesome flavoring. This is truly a fantastic random meal!

Found at Mario's Peruvian & Seafood Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA.

(Nikon D700, 50mm, f2.8, 1/80, iso 800)

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