Sunday, January 2, 2011

Strawberry & Strawberry Gelato on Waffle at Four Leaf Tea and Crepes

Strawberry & Strawberry Gelato on Waffle is our random meal of the day. This random meal starts with an original waffle that we load with a scoop of strawberry sorbet gelato. We then add fresh whipped cream, strawberries, toasted almonds and finally chocolate sauce completes the "Create Your Own" waffle.

This is the first post for 2011 and Random Meal of the Day is switching up the title format. I think it makes more sense this way as you do not confuse the restaurant name with the menu item. RMOTD is also not going to be a daily blog but instead will be a bit more random this year. I recently discovered that there is a color meter by Sekonic. It is the PRODIGI C-500R Color Meter and I really want it. But unfortunately for me, it is a bit pricey so I am going to sacrifice about 120 random meals to pay for this toy as RMOTD is my hobby and makes makes me Zero Dollars and Zero Cents ;) What this fancy gadget does is read the exact color temperature in a Kelvin value so that you can dial the number into your camera and get the correct and proper white balance each and every time. Do I need this? No, but I sure want it. Yes, I know, shoot in RAW and save the money but, that will be no fun.

The funny thing about this random meal was that it was a bit random. An hour after gulping down a large bowl of Daikokuya ramen and slurping all the broth up, I finally had some room for dessert. At the same time, I had to use the restroom. The thing is that I decide to take the Train and not drive because I thought it would make the adventure more fun. It is strangely weird of the total lack of available restrooms in Little Tokyo. I initially headed over to Fugetsu-Do for my dessert fix and I ended up getting the order to go. Then off to Pinkberry, and the same thing, no restroom. Really, at a large chain like Pinkberry??? So out came the iPhone's Yelp app to the rescue. I typed in desserts and Four Leaf Tea was a hop and a step away from Pinkberry. I looked at the posted pictures on the Yelp app and they looked great and the magical question was answered. Yes, they do have a restroom.

Looking at the dessert pictures on the Yelp app, I noticed some of the really good ones were back lit. Four Leaf Tea has pretty much a gigantic window so it was time for me to use a creative idea that someone thought about. I switched the dial to center weighted metering and off I went. The funny thing is that I was already an underdog compared to the pictures posted on Yelp. The difference between the iPhone yelp app and the computer version is that the computer version lists the person taking the picture while the iPhone Yelp app does not. Well, those pictures that I was trying to replicate were actually professionally shot and posted by the restaurant. You can tell by fact that the are no names of real Yelpers listed in the photos. So while I was thinking that these are actually great customer photos, they were in fact most likely back lit with a flash. No wonder they looked so good...

Found at Four Leaf Tea and Crepes in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA.

(Nikon D700, 60mm, f11.0, 1/80, iso 2200)

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