Thursday, January 6, 2011

Original Chicken Sandwich at Burger King

Our random meal brings us the Original Chicken Sandwich. Back in the days when I was a young lad, this was considered a fancy meal for me. I think I really like the fact that the sandwich was larger and longer than a typical hamburger. It felt like such a deal. For me chicken was all the rage. It was the age of innocence. It was the age of Street Fighter II. I was a Guile master. Life was just simple. As time passes you reflect upon your youth and the random meals that you had back then. It is funny how it never really tastes the same as you remembered. Today I turn one year older. How times flies.

Found at Burger King in Pasadena, CA.

(Nikon D700, 60mm, f4.0, 1/80, iso 1250)

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