Tuesday, November 2, 2010

McDonald's Legendary McRib

OMG the Legendary McRib has arrived at McDonald's all over the country. I believe this is the first time in years that all McDonald's have the McRib at the same time. The anticipation and the excitement of having a Day 1 McRib! I believe that it is the adventure that makes the food fun. The McRib was discontinued ages ago from McDonald and this very event started a cult following. McDonald's would randomly bring back the McRib for a very short amount of time and the cult will flock to eat this limited edition random treat. There is even a McRib locator. A website dedicated to random McRib sightings. My coworker laughed when I was browsing the site yesterday hoping to get a Day 0 McRib.

Well today's bonus random meal is the McRib. It is a warm and sunny Southern California day. It is a windless 82 degrees in El Segundo. The closest McDonald's is a tad shy of one mile in a whole other city. My excitement of the McRib could not be contained but my coworkers did not see the Legendary McRib in the same light. The anticipation of this random meal was slowly building. The thought of just driving to McDonald's was just anticlimactic so, off I go on a one mile trek crossing the border of El Segundo into the city of Hawthorne. I left the office and stared down at the bright glaring sun. It is just me and my "Man Bag" as the one mile walk began. The "Man Bag" is a sacrifice that I adorn to protect the camera that will be taking the magical picture of the McRib. My iPhone 3GS predicts that my walk with take 17 minutes in the glaring sun. 15 minutes into the trek I see from a distance, a McRib ad on the window of the McDonald's. Yes, it has in fact arrived.

Precisely 17 minutes have passed as I cross the entryway into McDonald's. I guess today I am not the only one on the hunt for a McRib. This is the most crowded that I have ever seen this McDonald's. I happily place my order for the McRib combo and kindly declined the up sell of cookies. The minutes tick away as one person after another receive their meal. Tick tock tick tock, where's my meal? Panic starts to strike at the 5 minute mark when not a single McRib has been seen. "Number 203." My Legendary McRib has finally arrived. I battled the hoards of people and find an empty seat. I set the Legendary McRib atop its mantle and proceed with the photo. I finally take my first bite and smile as my quest for the McRib has been satisfied. Then I stare at the long walk back and daydream about next year when the adventure begins again...
Found at McDonald's in Hawthorne, CA.

(Sony SLT-A55, 30mm, f8.0, 1/50, iso 1000)

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