Monday, May 17, 2010

Chipotle Crispy Chicken Taco to go

Our random meal today brings us some crispy chicken taco in some to go containers. I have never thought to ask Chipotle to separate each component of the taco into individual containers. It actually keeps the crispy taco shells crispy. It feels like you are actually eating the tacos fresh at the restaurant. The most interesting thing about this is that you get to see the actual portion size of the meal. It really looks so much smaller broken up into the separate containers. Once I made the tacos, it was actually sized correctly as each one of my three tacos looks like it has the right amount of meat like in when they serve it to you in the restaurant.
Found at Chipotle in Los Angeles, CA

(Nikon D700, 50mm, f4.0, 1/80, iso 4500)

Here's an overhead shot of the random meal.


  1. Chipotle isnt bad at all. Good burrito but a bit more expensive than other smaller, non-chains.

    I'd like to throw this out for consumption. If you're in Buena Park, California, there is a Chicago are legendary fast food place. It's pretty ironic because I know the story of Buena Park, California getting its name from a Chicago area northside neighborhood. Anyway, the place is called Portillo's. I've never had a bad meal there in the entire time I've ate there regularly (almost 30 years). You can do an engine search as well.

    Keep up the nice work.

    I'd choose anything on the menu but here are my meals of choice-
    - Italian beef (dipped with hot peppers). You can have it dry or wet. No pepper or sweet peppers are also an option. Add an Italian sausage and make it a combo sandwich (beef & sausage). Cheese also goes well.
    - Beef and Cheddar croissant (best with sweet peppers)
    - Jumbo hot dog or chili dog (a few cents more you get more food).

  2. Thank you. I actually been to Portillo's a few years back in when visiting Chicago. I really enjoyed the Italian beef. I'll make a trip for a picture in Buena Park when I have a chance.