Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thai Specialty 2 Wonton Soup in a Pot

Wonton Soup is our random meal of the day. What makes this wonton soup different from other wonton soups? The garlic infused broth is the secret ingredient to this special soup. You get the option to order the soup in either a bowl or a pot. The pot order gives you more of everything to share with your party. It also keeps the soup piping hot. The wonton has a dumpling favor and the shrimp is infused with flavor as it swims in the wonderful broth. Yummy.
Found at Thai Specialty 2 in Hacienda Heights, CA.

(Nikon D700, 50mm, f4.0, 1/80, iso 250)

We have a new addition to the menu, a wonderful order of the Pineapple Fried Rice.

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